Create Your Own

CUSTOMIZE IT is a tool that makes customizing and designing a no brainer. It allows you to select your own photographs, artwork or text to personalize your chosen product. 

Customization Services

What are the different customization services available with Switch?
  • Select from over 100 paint colours and finishes for Apple AirPods. Stay tuned for upcoming tech gadgets launching soon
  • Print your name, logo or any pattern on Apple AirPods
My device is not listed for customization on your website. What should I do?
If you are unable to find your device on our page, please complete the contact us form and we will get back to you.
Can I send in my old custom painted Switch product and have it repainted?
Unfortunately, we cannot repaint your already painted Switch product. There are many technicalities involved in the painting process, which makes this process complex. Take your time in selecting your colours, we don’t want you to have any regrets!
I painted my device and now I want to go back to the original color, is this possible?
Unfortunately, a painted gadget cannot be restored to its original colour.
Can I get my existing gadget customized?
Yes we offer this service in the UAE! Just pop into your nearest Axiom Telecom store to check out the options and get started with customization.
Apart from mobiles, what other devices can I customize?

We customize AirPods, cases, laptops, gaming consoles, headphones and other tech accessories. If you have a specific customization request, please complete the contact us form and we’ll do our best to make your customization dreams come true!